The Countdown Begins – 90 days to paddling season!

The Countdown Begins – 90 days to paddling season!

Simon Coward
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Words By:  Lee Vincent - Aquabatics Whitewater Ambassador

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Believe it or not, spring paddling season is less than 90 days away… While some diehard folks are still on the water, most of us have shifted gears and are busy playing in the snow or hibernating.

Here are the top five things that you should be doing 90 days out to be ready for paddling season:

  1. Injury prevention – now is the time to ensure that you have dealt with any nagging injuries from last season. Go see your favorite physio, chiropractor, massage and/or fitness trainer to solve that issue.
  1. Paddling Shape – find a winter sport that helps you cross train and go into paddling season in strong shape vs off the couch. This will help you paddle stronger and longer!
  1. Bomb proof your roll – find a pool session near you and catch at least one session per month. Start by focusing on your roll – onside, offside, back deck & hand roll. And remember – don’t set up before you tip over. Practice going over one handed or letting go of your paddle and then finding it again – simulate life on the river.

  1. Gear – open that gear bag that you tossed in the corner after your last fall paddle. Hold your nose as it is likely as smelly as hockey gear! Take all of your gear out and hang it up so you can figure out what you have and what you might have lost. Make a list of any new gear items that you need to pick up. Figure out what you need to buy new and what you can get second hand.

Spring Paddling gear

  1. Gear – now that you have it all hung up, check out the gaskets for any rips or tears, toss on your drysuit and go for a soak in your bath tub or hot tub to look for leaks, and then give your zippers some wax love and your gaskets a good treatment with 303. This is a great time to take gear into Aquabatics for repairs to beat the spring rush.

Spring Kayak gear

If you happen to be in Calgary Feb 7th to 10th, be sure to stop by the Aquabatics booth at the Calgary Sportsmans show to say hi and check out the latest and greatest in rafting, kayak fishing and recreational kayak gear.

Also – don’t forget that Aquabatics Edmonton is opening March 1st and will be fully stocked with gear to get the season started.  Edmonton will also be offering some repair services and there may even be a deal or 2 to be had around opening!

We look forward to seeing you out on the river!

The Vincent Family

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