Sweet Protection Event Sponsorship 2017

Sweet Protection Event Sponsorship 2017

Simon Coward
1 minute read

Words By: Aquabatics Team

Born out of a small mountain town in Norway, Sweet now lead they way in making protective equipment for paddling enthusiasts. They are known for the great helmets they make. However the range is exspanding with their dry gear taking traction as not only being tough and dry, but man does it look 'sweet' too!

In the 2017 season, we are happy to announce that Sweet Protection is sponsoring the following events:

Kanfest: Paddling wear and accessories

Pincher Creek Paddle Fest: Paddling wear and accessories

Aquabatics Film Comp: Paddling wear and accessories

We are stoked to partner with Sweet Protection to have have long-term support to provide a high quality and sustainable sponsorship program for Alberta paddling events.  We look forward to the valued support from many committed industry vendors for now and in the future of paddle sports in our community.

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