Spring Rust

Spring Rust

AQ Staff
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Written By Tim Shaw

Spring is here and it was finally time to put the skis away and go for a paddle!

Photo: Tim S Paddler: Brandon showing us how its done

We headed down to the Elk River for a day trip. Yes its a long way for a day, but its worth it. The flow was looking good for the upper so we scouted and head up to the put in.

Photo: Tim S Paddler: Tom Flying over the Buffer 

I have spent the winter rock climbing, hoping to help the fitness, doing exercises nursing an injured shoulder. With this in mind I had high hopes! My hopes were dashed as I realized that having not been in a boat for 3 months really does make a difference. We had some interesting lines and some great lines. But boy am I sore now!

Some learning...

Photo: Tom S Paddler: Me, not sure backwards ideal... (Horse Shoe Falls)

Remember to look after those shoulders, warm ups and warm downs are super important. Note to self, starting the paddling season on  the upper and middle Elk is a little exciting! 

Get out there, there is paddling to be had! 

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