Scary Times Call for Paddling Pleasures - AQ Ambassador Lisa Stocking

Scary Times Call for Paddling Pleasures - AQ Ambassador Lisa Stocking

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In the past 48 hours my daughter has “graduated” and my son is three weeks away from being done his first year of Engineering at RDC but is stuck in limbo as we all are.

During past crisis’s in my life it felt hard to focus on much, easy to play a game on the phone or float around but here’s the difference this time; we don’t know how long this will be it won’t be two weeks this could be at least over a month long.

If we take a page from the book of people in other countries affected it’s been over 40 days some people have been in their homes…wow! The question is how do we look after our physical, mental and spiritual well-being during these uncertain times?

Here’s the irony of life; you either have time or money. Think about that, when we have extra money often it is from more work which equals less time. When we have more time we usually have less disposable income. As this virus goes through our world what do you want to have more of? Memories or money?

Social distancing is a key component in preventing the spread of this until we have vaccines and measures in place to protect ourselves. Lucky for many of us outdoor lovers that’s already standard protocol, being outside. As we move towards May and the opening of water bodies, consider investing in some peace of mind with paddle gear.

Yes, this seems ironic to go out and spend while the world collapses but if you’re able to a couple by-products will occur. You will find tranquillity from the storms of the world on the water and you will help support local companies stay afloat.

Online shopping options are available, you can have it shipped to your door or pick up in the store. Phone in or email all the AQ Outdoor stores will be happy to assist you with any questions about products.

Check out for any gear you’re looking to invest in. Happy paddling.

I Live Life Now,

Lisa Stocking


CSEP-CPT/RYT 200 Yoga Instructor

Level 1 SUP Instructor Paddle Canada

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