River Report: Redearth Creek - Odin Pryor

River Report: Redearth Creek - Odin Pryor

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A Bow Valley classic that is left rarely run anymore, Redearth creek is situated just 20 minutes west of Banff. Filled with waterfalls, slides and one of the most beautiful canyons around. The run was severely impacted by the flooding in 2013 and deemed  Jug Buster unrunnable due to mass amounts of wood collecting in the 30ft waterfall. However our late spring visit out to the creek has shown that high spring flows have managed to free a lot of wood from the drop, leaving only a handful of logs in the pool below.

Jug Buster June 2020 free of most wood  

This does now provide the issue that all of the wood now resides within the canyon above Railslide, meaning that if you wish to run Railslide a rappel into the vertical walled canyon is necessary. As per usual the two logs below Railslide are still in play at high water and a singular new log is just below the second slide, there is an eddy on the river left and seal launching off of the log may be possible.

Wood in Jug Buster July 2019

Stay safe and I’ll see you on the water.

Odin Pryor - Aquabatics Ambassador

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