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Rigging the Dream!!

Rigging the Dream!!

AQ Staff
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Rigging the Dream!!

So, you purchased a fishing kayak, now what?  Besides going to catch fish, a lot of people decide to layout their boat to match there fishing style and gear needs. Whether It’s just a simple rod holder or going full out with a myriad of different accessories.  Endless options and accessories, and the fear of drilling holes in your brand new boat, can make this part of the process seem overwhelming, confusing, and downright frustrating.

June 27 at 6:30 pm, we will be hosting a Rigging the Dream seminar here at the shop. No, Andy's not going to talk all night long, but what he will do is help you rig the boat of your dreams. Tools and any needed accessories to purchase will be on hand and at a 10% discount for those signed up for the evening.  

No boat?  We have you covered with in store discounts on in stock fishing boats, we will even help you rig it up!!


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A Message From Andy;

With all the other boats I’ve owned, and I’m now on to my third fishing kayak, I've gained lots of experience through trial and error. Everything from homemade crates and rod holders, to supporting seats with PVC pipe and so on. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. A simple social media or google search will return endless options. Tips I would give to all aspiring kayak anglers is rig your boat with what’s going to work for you. Just because your good friends run 3 rod holders, a fish finder bigger than my head, lighted flags etc., doesn’t mean it’s what will work best for you. My current boat, the Jackson Coosa fd, has a combination of Aquabatics purchased gear and a small number of homemade items.  I feel it’s what works best for me. We can help figure out what going to work best for you.


Rigging the Dream Seminar
June 27th 630 pm -9pm
Aquabatics Edmonton Location,
 3825 99th St. NW, Edmonton, Alberta

Light snacks and refreshments will be provided.


We look forward to helping you with rigging the boat of your dreams.

Tools will be on site available to use.


Aquabatics Edmonton Team


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