Rhino Rack Roof Racks - An Introduction

Rhino Rack Roof Racks - An Introduction

Simon Coward
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Rhino racks Calgary & Edmonton

We have been pretty seriously in the rack ‘game’ for close to 10 years now, over that time we have forged an amazing relationship with Thule, Yakima and have been fortunate enough to have a long standing relationship with the amazing crew at Malone Auto Racks.

Rhino Rack Kayak Loader

So, it is with a load of excitement and anticipation that we have just jumped in both feet with Rhino Rack and have added them to the great brands we offer our customers.  We will have a full selection of the product line available in both our Calgary and Edmonton stores along with online.

So, Why Rhino Rack?

For me, it is a little serendipitous, Rhino Rack is an Australian company (where I was born and raised), with roots in backcountry 4 x 4 adventuring, sports and with the tradies (tradesmen in Canadian).  I grew up surfing and camping around southern Australia and grew to know Rhino Rack, much like Thule and Yakima are names synonymous with rack quality in North America.

All national pride aside, we have had Rhino Rack on the radar for a few years.  What we were seeing was a premium product, with style, price and functionality all placed front and center in all their product line.  Also, and in complete honesty, the story behind the brand was hard to get past, an industry leader in my home country, makers of bad ass racks and they look really cool on an old Land cruiser! 

The Products

As we dug further and looked outside the Thule and Yakima box we found that the racks indeed are super well built, manufactured to the highest safety standards and, they, as a business, are highly motivated to get into the Canadian market, which is fantastic for us and in turn, the end user.

The racks are distributed out of both Calgary and British Columbia, so replacement parts or out of stock product is never more than a phone call and a quick shipment away.


The vortex bars are low profile and tread the line of stylish and beefy better than most, they are also priced incredibly competitively compared to their north American competitors.  Sometimes in the range of $100 less for a rack setup with no sacrifice in quality or ease of use.

Rhino Rack Vortex load Bar

The Heavy Duty (HD) bars are a tradesmens (or camperized Volkswagon) dream, tough, hardworking and reliable.  These bars are designed to haul ladders, lumber and whatever you need to get to the worksite.  If you are a canoeist and want to lug 2 canoes side by side....  the HD bars have unlimited overhang so can accommodate your wide loads! 

Rhino Rack HD Load Bars

The Euro bars are the equivalent of the Thule square bar system.  A little more economical and lightweight than the Thule system and the HD bar system from Rhino Rack.  these would be your lighter duty go to rack.

Rhino Rack Euro Bar


There is no good place to start on accessories, Rhino Rack simply have so many to choose from.  From kayak carriers to bike carriers, Cargo boxes/baskets to awnings, epic camp chairs to ski/board carriers.  If so inclined a person could outfit themselves for all seasons and activities with the options available.

You can find a bunch more info and specific products by following the links below:

We are stoked to introduce Rhino Rack to the AQ Outdoors group of businesses.  We’d love to chat with you on how to get your vehicle dialed in for upcoming trips and adventures.

If you have any questions or would like to chat please contact us by phone (Calgary: 403-288-9283 | Edmonton: 780-463-4892 | Toll Free: 1-877-440-9283).  We offer free shipping on most items over $75 (some oversize items may not be free)


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