Recent Arrival - Limited Edition River Roots Astral Greenjacket

Recent Arrival - Limited Edition River Roots Astral Greenjacket

Simon Coward
3 minute read

Hey Folks,

We just received a fresh shipment of the Astral Greenjacket LE10's. This is an awesome PFD with styling and colors that will be sure to up your radness level (and also subtly let our southern neighbors know we are on the same team).  



The past nine years has seen many changes in the world of whitewater, and the gear has evolved in stride. However, some items have been proven to be tested and trusty, needing little to no changes in this time. The Astral Greenjacket is an exceptional example of quality engineering that has stood the test of time and is regarded by many as the best available PFD for the serious river user. Only minor alterations and updates have been imposed since the original, and yet no one would say that Astral has remained stagnant with this piece. They have done a wonderful job of blending the Greenjackets legendary form and function with edgy and exciting styling in its Limited Edition designs. These have been released in small batches over the years and have been extremely well received in the whitewater world. 

This time around, they have partnered with the legendary and boundary pushing Rush Sturges to come up with a design that embodies much of the recent evolution within the sport. Here is what Rush and Astral had to say about it: 

 “The artistic expressions of kayaking, style, rhythm and flow, are no different from the methods used by a musician, a painter or a filmmaker. Kayakers may not use a paintbrush, but the river provides an open canvas by which we can express ourselves, forge ever lasting friendships, and find connection with the truly untouched. The opportunity to create the River Roots LE was a fun chance to combine my love for art with my passion for whitewater,” Sturges says.

The front of the PFD is a spin on the River Roots company design, and the back represents Mt. Hood looking down on the Columbia River Gorge. Sturges notes that, “In the end, I’ve always felt that combining my love for rivers, film, and music was a fun way to bring the art form full circle. I know the folks at Astral feel the same way, and hopefully some of that passion trickles into this Limited Edition.”

So, if your in need of some new floaty foam, a radness boost, or are just keen to support the whitewater evolution, come grab yourself one of these. 

See you down here or on the water!



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