Paddling! Pandemic! Fundraising! Help Support Paddling Events in Western canada

Paddling! Pandemic! Fundraising! Help Support Paddling Events in Western canada

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Words:  AQ Ambassador - Trevor Thomson

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So it’s April, 2020. We’re into spring now for just over 3 weeks. The weather in my neck of the woods has been better for tobogganing with your friends than any chance of getting out to open water and paddling. Oh ya, and there’s also this Pandemic thing we are up against…………………!

At the beginning of March this year I was introduced to an amazing group of paddlers called the AQ Ambassadors, and I am just so fortunate to be given the opportunity to be one as well! Our job is super simple really, promote paddling sports in Western Canada and all things Aquabatics! We all share a similar interest, we love to paddle. Some of us like to stand up and paddle (SUP), some like to paddle over waterfalls and down rushing rivers (White Water), some prefer canoes or sleek, fast moving touring kayaks, others surf river waves and do tricks on their kayaks.  Me, I’m a Kayak Angler, rivers, lakes, ponds, big or small, with fish (of course) I’ll be there.

Aquabatics Ambassador team 2020

So here I am, Aquabatics expanded their ambassador program and offered me this amazing opportunity, how can I help grow paddling in Western Canada? What can I do to get people driven to Aquabatics, get them thinking about paddling, buying new gear, out on the water? How about a FUNDRAISER!!!! Probably not what you were thinking, right, you might be saying to yourself, who’s got money for this, people aren’t working right now, and you want to do a FUNDRAISER!!!! Allow me to explain, I’m pretty confident I can peak your interest!!

Here is how it’s going to work;

Looking to help support your local club? Part of an Angling community? Planning some paddlesport events this year? Need some support for your cause? Looking to get some new gear? Your first kayak? Maybe take a course or get a new roof rack even!!!! Well, here’s how we can help you during these crazy, unforeseen times!

AQ Ambassadors are taking donations to support Western Canadian Paddling Communities!

  • With every donation you provide, you will be entered into a Free Weekly Giveaway!
  • Donation denominations - $5 = 1 entry, $10 = 3 entries, $20 = 10 entries
  • AQOutdoors will donate gift cards for each weekly draw for half of the weekly amount donated. The other half goes to support clubs, communities, events, etc.
  • Free Giveaways will take place every Monday Evening at 9pm. Cut off for weekly donations will be at 9pm Sunday evening.
  • Click on this link to go directly to the checkout for a fast, safe and secure donation. You can pay by credit or paypal. Make sure you fill out the required fields and your Free Weekly Giveaway numbers will be emailed back to you.
  • Any questions on this can be emailed directly, or PM @AlanThomson on Facebook. Phone calls to the stores will be re-directed to these.

This campaign for donations is not just social media driven. Please share with all your friends, family, co-workers, grandparents, and kids.

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