Orion Cooler Review

Orion Cooler Review

Simon Coward
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by Tom Stewart

Orion Cooler – Out of Box Gear Review

Along with our Jackson Kayak pre-season order, we got some Orion Cooler’s in stock, which are made by Jackson Kayak. I haven’t used the cooler yet but I get excited just looking at them here in the shop so I thought I’d do an “out of box” gear review.

The looks of this cooler definitely attract a lot of customers toward it. With the bright colour themes, it’s like no other cooler I’ve seen before. Just by looking at it and picking it up, I can tell that this is the burliest coolers I’ve ever seen, which brings me to believe it will keep anything cold for an extended period of time. With 2-2.75” of insulation, I definitely won’t be worried about my cheese going bad!

Getting past the looks, there are many features that make this cooler unique and practical for any adventure such as an extended raft trip, fishing trips, or house parties. Here are some of the features, and be sure to check out the video below showing where all the features are and how they all work:

  • Integrated standing pad
  • Yak Attack accessory tracks
  • Interior plastic tray
  • Strong carry-handles with reinforced climbing rope
  • Six tie-down points
  • Four bottle openers
  • Low-profile cam-lock latches
  • Large and easy to open drain plug

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