Monday Funday - Rogers Pass

Monday Funday - Rogers Pass

AQ Staff
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By Tim Shaw

Wow this week we headed to Rogers Pass. I was a little apprehensive being a long weekend. We all know how busy this place gets. Monday morning the visitors center gave out 86 winter permits! Making it one of the busiest days this winter!

What do you do on the busiest day of the season and it hasn't snowed much in 3 weeks?

Step One 

Use the guide book, 98% of people will heading to one of the routes in the guide book. Using process of elimination, go somewhere not in the guide!

Step Two

It hasn't snowed in a long time, so be brave and head to those sheltered cold North Slopes

Step Three

Be prepared for an adventure and the fact that you have no idea if where your going is going to be good riding or not. But be happy in the knowledge that there will probably be no track or people were your headed, even if its bush wacking...

With this in mind we headed to one of the known cold North Zones in the Pass. Aimed for a bunch of trees and headed in for a look. We found tree bombs, amazing open glades, tricky and steep and difficult trail braking. To top it off my favorite, pillows!

After sweating our way to the top below is what the ride down entailed

Tom Wild Shredding | Photo Tim Shaw

Tom Wild Enjoying Pillows | Photo Tim Shaw

Stunning views | Photo Tim Shaw


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