Jackson Nirvana - The Race Test

Jackson Nirvana - The Race Test

Simon Coward
2 minute read

Words By: Tim Shaw


Photo: Anne Bilton rocking the Nirvana

The 3rd Annual Toby creek Race was just a week or so ago, and there was a number of competitors including myself giving the new Jackson Nirvana a test on the race course.

These are my thoughts:

My size: I am 6’3” and 200lbs

Speed: This a very fast boat, comparable to the 9r

Tracking: For me I found that being on the heavy end of the weight range, that the boat tracks very well. It held its speed nicely across the current.

Ability to stay on top: All that bow rocker certainly helps the boat stay on top surprisingly well for a boat that feels almost a little small for me.

Stability: Being a bit wider it is certainly stable for a boat with such aggressive edges on the stern.

Ease of turning: For me, I find it is sometimes hard to bring the boat back when off line. I think this is partly due to how low in the water I sit. Other paddlers say that it is easier to turn…

Photo: Zach Goulet in the Nirvana (1st in the Expert category for the time trail) 

Overall I think that this is a super fun sporty boat, if you are looking for something that will be fast and exciting, then this is that boat. However it won’t have the predictability and forgiveness of something like the Nomad.

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