Introducing Aquabatics Ambassador Team

Introducing Aquabatics Ambassador Team

AQ Staff
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2020 Team Aquabatics...

We are super excited to be expanding our Aquabatics Ambassador program this year as we continue to expand our reach across Western Canada.

Our Ambassadors are community driven individuals that are passionate about paddling and helping get others out onto the water.

Bryan Hume - Kayak Touring
Christopher Fonos - Kayak Fishing
Kimberley Kenyon - Stand-up Paddleboarding
Liam McGowan - Open Canoeing
Koby Trinker - Whitewater Kayaking
Lisa Stocking - Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Odin Pryor - Whitewater Kayaking
Paul Kolman - Kayak Touring
Robyn Bell - Stand-Up Paddleboarding
Robyn Brown - Whitewater Kayaking
Terran Bernhard - Kayak Fishing
Trevor Thomson - Kayak Fishing
Team Manager Lee Vincent & Family - Whitewater Kayaking


Be sure to watch for the series of 20 Questions blogs to get to know all our Ambassadors better. Even better will be getting to spend some time with them out on the water this year!

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