Halloween Turns - Icefields Parkway - with Video

Halloween Turns - Icefields Parkway - with Video

Simon Coward
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Words By: Simon Coward

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  Coming from Australia it really isn't a 'thing', my kids here would definitely disagree strongly with that sentiment.  However, after the riding we had on Monday, I am now in the same boat as them, Halloween Rocks (and I don't mean the literal, rip your edges of variety).

After seeing plenty of images from Bow Summit from over the weekend, we figured it needs another snowfall or three to fill in some of the tracks that had been laid down. (What a great early season start though at that location, it is nice to have enough snow to have a zone 'tracked out' in October).  So we took a bit of a gamble and decided to try for a zone that is a bit higher elevation and, typically sees a bit of wind loading which we hoped a) would provide some snow cover and b) maybe have a bit of a supportive 'wind assisted' base.

Fortunately our gamble paid off.  We managed to score some fantastic turns in really nice snow conditions.  As the trend has been, the alpine was nice, but treeline turns definitely were home to the better (albeit thinner) snow in our zone.  A great day, with very few rocks tagged and 4 really high quality runs (especially for October!).  Best day of the season so far for sure.. ha ha

We topped out at about 2600m, on an ENE facing slope in the alpine.  Treeline spot was pretty much due east facing, the theme was think light and stay to gullied features.

As we left it had started to snow a bit, not sure if that accumulated to much, but every little drop counts.  We are going to try and do short video blogs/trip reports each week.  Nothing technical as not our place to comment on that.  Just some solid visuals to give everyone an idea of what we are seeing/riding out in the hills.  

Thanks for checking in.

We hope you enjoyed the video.  Happy shredding!


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