FCS Chamois Poncho Review

FCS Chamois Poncho Review

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Gear Review – FCS Chamois Poncho

We just picked up a FCS Chamois Poncho and LOVE it!

We’ve all had fleece poncho’s for after paddling for a number of years and they make changing for paddling in public spaces a breeze. They are also great for warming up after a cold early spring or late fall paddle. The downside to our fleece poncho’s is how hot and sticky they are once summer comes, and how bulky they are.

FCS Poncho - Change in prvacy anywhere

When we saw the FCS Chamois Poncho in Aquabatics a few weeks ago we were intrigued with how small it could fold up and how lightweight it was, so we decided to give it a try.

What we really like so far:

  • The chamois material is lightweight
  • The chamois material is ultra-absorbent and quick to dry
  • Roomy and easy to maneuver in for changing
  • Easy to get on and off

FCS Poncho Back

The only thing that would make it over the top is pockets for your hands but we might try to do that as a quick add on. I think you might be able to alter the small inside pocket to make it work as a hand warmer.
I anticipate another 2 of these finding their way into our gear bags this summer!

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