Edmonton Area Fall Treasure Hunt. Are you up for the challenge?

Edmonton Area Fall Treasure Hunt. Are you up for the challenge?

AQ Staff
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It’s a Mystery!  A kayaking Treasure Hunt Adventure in the Edmonton Area

Its nearing the end of the paddling season for most people. But before you apply your 303, we have one last adventure for you.  We have put together a scavenger hunt of sorts for those willing. We have hidden our paddle blade of FUN somewhere within the greater Edmonton area.


Yes, we know that’s a huge area, but if you pay attention over the next few weeks, we will be releasing a series of clues to help you narrow down the location. The person who finds the object is in for a treat!  The prize you will receive is your pick of either a kayak fishing adventure in the Edmonton and surrounding area with our very own staff, or if fast moving water blows your hair back, then you have the option of a white water experience with one of our Aquabatics Instructors.  All equipment will be provided. But, don’t worry we will give you a $50-dollar credit here at the Edmonton shop to help you get yourself geared up.

If you find the hidden paddle blade please bring it in to the Aquabatics Edmonton location to claim your prize.  Our fall hours are Monday to Saturday 10am-6pm

Lets remember to be safe and have fun out on the water as we near the late season.  If you haven’t already don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, because that’s where the clues will be released!

Your first clue will be released Thursday September 19th and will be released on our social media (Facebook and Instagram) every seven or so days until two weeks after the last clue, or the object is found. We will be releasing four clues in total. 

Don’t hesitate to email or call the Edmonton shop with any questions.


780 463 4892


Your Aquabatics Edmonton Team


Clue One Released Sept. 19- 

"I live on a piece of land within the Edmonton area that is sometimes surrounded by what was once melted glacier water. Flowing from the east side of the continental divide through rolling hills into Canadas flattest province, where i meet my other half. I'm not more then 5 meters from shore."

 Clue number 2 released sept 25

"if I could walk on water, it would be a 17km walk from where the voyageurs hang out southeast of Edmonton. Since walking on water is pretty tough, a canoe or kayak is reccomended."

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