Deciphering Fishing Advice, A Quick Kayak Fishing Tip

Deciphering Fishing Advice, A Quick Kayak Fishing Tip

AQ Staff
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I wrote a longer blog similarly to this about deciphering information about kayaks and kayak fishing gear.  Let’s tackle another similar topic in this blog.  Where to get good fishing advice online?

Not too many people are keen on giving away there fishing honey holes.  Most kayak anglers will definitely share a good beginner spot to get you on some fish though.  But what about technique?  If you’ve ever posted a question on a busy social media forum, you’ll understand what I mean. People will post every tip under the sun both good and bad.  From lure types, trolling speed, depth etc. how do you know what works and what doesn’t?

The best way to figure out what works well and what doesn’t is by looking at the person giving said advice.  My tip for this blog is to ASK THE FOLKS THAT CONSITENTLY POST AND CATCH BIG FISH, now say it one more time for the folks in the back!!  We all know who they are in our fishing and paddling social circles, and the proof is in the pudding, or fish pics as in this case.

This is a nice Inconnu caught by my good friend Curtis.  They can get even bigger!! 

My unnamed friend is great for answering super technical questions, things that I may not know of, techniques I've never heard of, or fish behavior to consider.   These tidbits of advice help me learn new skills and techniques to better myself on the water.   This in turn can help with your kayak angling goals.  Tips for reaching out to strangers for advice is to leave a message on a post before your just randomly private message them. It lets them know who you are, rather then blindsiding them with questions. Most anglers and kayak anglers I’ve met are open to helping with advice. Just don’t message asking for spots, it is considered to be rude in most fishing groups I’m part of.

Remember to look for the fish pics when seeking advice, and you’ll find your angling field of dreams.

My Personal Best Tiger Trout.

High five and good luck to everyone looking to better themselves as kayak anglers this year and like sharing advice and tips. I hope you can meet your fishing goals this upcoming season!

Don’t hesitate to reach out with any kayak fishing related questions to our staff at both shops, we can help you find the boat of your dreams so you can land the lunker on your bucket list .




Asst. Manager Aquabatics Edmonton.

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