Dagger Nomad Medium Review - With Video

Dagger Nomad Medium Review - With Video

Simon Coward
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Words By: Aquabatics Team

Author:  Spenser Sedgwick
Paddler Bio:  Spenser is a solid Class IV boater starting to get into Class IV+/V paddling

The New Nomad is Daggers re-design on the best selling creek boat on the market.  The 'Newmad' has taken into account current creeking trends and increased the rocker, increased volume and dialed in the outfitting package making the new Nomad a leader both in its class and on the river.

When I started looking for a new boat to replace my Remix 69, I had a variety of choices available to me. Knowing that I was pushing into steeper creeks and harder rivers I wanted to feel as safe as possible doing so. The Nomads high volume and intense rocker regularly helps keep me on top of the river, and heading smoothly down all my lines. As I’ve progressed this season the Nomad has helped to keep me safe but it has also helped me become a stronger paddler; it keeps its speed through a missed boof stroke and rewards me with the feeling of flight when I get everything just right. All-in-all I am super stoked on my Nomad and am excited for what adventures it will lead me to next.


  • Outfitting: In my opinion, Dagger boats in general are the most comfortable boats on the market. The Foam that they provide with a new purchase allows you to outfit the boat to fit like a glove and provides a ton of foot/ankle protection as well.
  • Safety: Through my learning curve this year I have mis-timed many a boof stroke, the Nomad just seems to keep heading straight away from drops anyway. I feel like I have gotten away with a few bad lines due to the great design of this boat.
  • Sizing: The Dagger Nomad is available in three sizes (Small, Medium and Large) to fit a variety of folks. The different sizes seem to perform quite similarly and keep all sized paddlers happy! In general each size is slightly larger than the industry norm.
  • Mobility: I can confidently spin the Nomad around on a dime in any condition; the hull tracks smoothly on edge and delivers me where I’m trying to go! I would position the Nomad as the benchmark in term of maneuverability.


  • Being an active paddler helps with this boat, when I get lazy I feel that this boat doesn’t perform as well. Charging hard is where this boat sits comfortably.
  • Weighing in at 48.5LBS this boat is not the lightest creeker on the market, once I get it on my shoulder I rarely notice it but it is something to keep in mind.
  • Storage in-between my legs, I find that there is enough room for my throw bag, but my water bottle is resigned to sitting behind my seat. Not a deal breaker but I do enjoy staying hydrated and it requires extra effort.


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