Beginners Guide to Fishing Kayaking

Beginners Guide to Fishing Kayaking

Simon Coward
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Words By: Simon Coward

Note:  Please watch video (above) first as it covers all the gear in detail with action shots.  Text below is to outline approximate pricing etc.

Thanks so much for checking out the Aquabatics Calgary Beginners Guide to Kayak Fishing Gear. In this video and blog post we hope to cover all the gear you need, might want and some luxury/specific items you may end up looking into if you really progress in the sport.  If at any point you have any questions or comments on the video or post please don’t hesitate to contact us by You Tube comment or email.

This text portion is to outline some of the essentials to get into kayak fishing. This video just scratches the surface of all the gear and gadgets that are available, so be sure to take a look at our website for more gear.  We hope this helps aspiring angler paddlers understand the gear out there and how to get started.

Please note:  All prices and products are a guideline only.  Prices change year to year based on many factors, as do models and availability.

FISHING KAYAKS - $699 - $3,300

There are loads of types and brands of Kayak Fishing boats.  We carry Sit-In and Sit-On-Top options fro Wilderness Systems, Jackson and Perception Kayaks

Click HERE to view our selection of angling kayaks.


PADDLING - The original way to get around in a kayak!  Often the best option for rivers and shallow water environments as it allows for good maneuverability and less potential for 'running aground' as there is nothing hanging below the boat.  Also gives you a bit of exercise!  Click HERE to see our selection of paddles

PEDALING - This is a super efficient and hands free way of getting around for kayak fishing.  Modern pedal drives are ergonomically designed, cover ground very quickly and allow you to fish while you travel!  Some kayaks come with pedal drive included (Jackson FD Models and Perception Pescador Pilot).  Wilderness Systems boats have them as an optional extra.  Allowing you to purchase the boat only or add the pedal drive if desired.

ELECTRIC MOTORS - Pretty new to the kayak fishing world is custom built motors for the boats.  Most recreational kayaks can be retrofitted with a transom and electric trawling motor.  However, some manufacturers (like Wilderness Systems) have created a system where the Helix electric motor can be dropped into the boat via the Flex Pod system.


PADDLES - $230.00 - $363.00  
These come in all shapes and sizes.  As per the video you will want to decide on whether or not you are going to be using it whilst standing or for longer distance 'access' paddling.  Here you will need to decide upon high angle or low angle.  Click HERE to see our selection of paddles.

These are required by Coast Guard law.  Modern kayak fishing PFD's are well thought out, designed and are extremely comfortable.  You can use a regular recreational PFD if you want a 'clean' setup.  If you are looking for more accessories the use specific Kayak angling PFD's are full of features.

Basically anything you can dream up has an accessory for it.  With all boats coming with ample anchor tracks and RAM, YakAttak, Scotty and Wilderness Systems making high quality kayak angling specific accessories, you can outfit your boat until your heart is content.  Everything from fly rod holders, catch crates, electronics mounts, camera mounts, drink holders and so much more are readily available.  Check out our Kayak Angling accessories here.

Again, this is just a brief overview of the gear to get you started with kayak fishing. If you have any questions at all, please don;t hesitate to contact us by phone at, 1-877-440-9283 or email at  We offer free shipping on all regular sized orders over $75 across Canada and very competitive, subsidized shipping rates on fishing kayaks to most Canadian towns and cities.

We hope this blog post and video are super helpful in getting you started into Kayak Angling.

Happy Paddling!



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