Bad Fish SUP - Back at AQ Outdoors / Aquabatics Calgary

Bad Fish SUP - Back at AQ Outdoors / Aquabatics Calgary

Simon Coward
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Words:  Simon Coward
Pics and Video:  Laureta Boychuk

After a short hiatus of a couple of years, Bad Fish SUP will be back in store in Calgary as of Spring 2020.  The outrageously cool river SUP/surf brand, based out of Salida Colorado have basically created a sport and following all their own.

With a dedication to their sport and craft unlike anyone we have seen in the paddlesports industry, it is with a huge amount of excitement we will have their gear and boards back in store.

A big part of the decision is due to their newly acquired local representation in the form of the eternally stoked Laureta Boychuk (RETA SUPS) and, also, that Bad Fish has made a commitment to providing fulfillment of shop orders from within Canada.  A huge step for any business and one that many (much larger) paddlesports manufacturers are still hesitant to do.  We are grateful for this move from the Bad Fish team and really want to support that.

You will see RETA and a bunch of Bad fish demos and product at all the major Alberta (and some BC) events in 2020, and they are looking at really helping us grow the community of River SUP in and around Calgary.

So without further adieu, I would love to re-introduce bad Fish SUP to the Calgary market and more importantly to our paddling community.

Their lineup for 2020 will include everything from downriver cruiser boards ideal for the Bow and mellow flatwater trips, all the way to performance River SUP and river surf boards.

Check out our line up of Bad Fish SUP for 2020 here

For more company information and the full line up of Bad Fish products, check out their company website here

Note: If you are interested in any product not listed on our website, we can almost certainly order it.  Just give us a call at 403 288 9283 OR email for more info

Check out the video below Bad Fish Boards and @RETASUPS on our 5 evening River SUP course from this past season.  This will be running again for 2020!

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