1000km, Two Days, Good Company and Great Paddling

With rain in the forecast and a climbing trip off the cards, the decision to go kayaking was easy.  

Wanting to really make the most of it we loaded up and headed for Revelstoke. Arriving to a rather high Jorden we put on. Not a great warm-up option haha. Number 1 was a mystery move, Number 2 was terrifying. Numer 3 was amazing and we walked out up the hill at Number 4! We had, had enough excitement for the time being.

Joining up with the local crew we headed for an evening lap of the Upper Perry at a nice flow. About 55cms on the gauge. This was class fun, a few class four rapids intertwined with really fun bolder garden class three.

Leaving the Perry about 9pm we headed for Timmys and then the Ferry to St Leon.

St Leon is one of my favorite Creeks and well worth driving 500km there and 500km back! Arriving at camp at midnight we went sleep to the sound of rain and hopeful for water.

Photo: Tim Shaw

Waking up to a spectacular view across the lake

Flow in the morning was Low but runnable, we boosted to service to tell the crew and hurried back to get gear dry and get ready. After the crew was overdue (figured they decided it wasn't high enough) and not wanting to be late driving home we set off on a two man adventure. 

After winging it to a new to me put in (Thanks Paddlingmaps.com and Tom for a great entry) We found a much better way to the river than I had been the first time I paddled it. 

We worked our way down the river, eddy to eddy checking for wood. I'll let the photos tell the story :) 

Photo: Greggor Grey

When the sweep boof is not the best option

Photos: Tim Shaw

Gregg Scouting, visualizing and then styling 

Photo: Tim Shaw Paddler: Gregg

Gregg "Tim, its really big" Tim "I know, glad we didn't scout last time"

Photo: Tim Shaw

Gregg enjoying some flight time

Photo: Greggor Grey

Perspective, it is steep! Stoked to be not landing on my face this time