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Spark R&D Top-Mount Crossbar Clips


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The Spark R&D Top Mount Crossbar clips are designed to create the tightest board join as possible in ride mode. They come in 2 different setups , Top Mount (these ones) and Through Mount (see here).

Top-Mount Crossbar Clips are for splitboards that have inserts at the clip mounting points (you can't see screw heads on the base of your board).

Features & Specs

Includes: 2 x Levers, 2 x Crossbars, 2 x Shear Bushings, screws for both fine thread and coarse inserts, as well as extra screws for use with thinner boards.

Weight: 3.24oz/pr (92g)

    Spark R&D Top-Mount Crossbar Clips-AQ-Outdoors
    Spark R&D Top-Mount Crossbar Clips-AQ-Outdoors