Prior Slaylok Carbon XTC Womens Splitboard


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The Slaylok Split is Priors womens specific twin splitboard. Taking inspiration from the AMF Split and Shotgun Split, the Slaylok Split utilizes a tighter turning radius, narrower waist and softer, more responsive freestyle flex to allow female riders to have a powerful board but built for their foot size.

In other words, you can shred as hard as on a men's board (no flappy noodles from Prior!), but the board reacts super quickly as its width is custom made to the dimensions of your foot! Its symmetrical shape promises maximum performance riding both regular or switch.

NOTE:  We do our best to have the correct topsheets in the website images.  If they happen to differ we will contact you right away to confirm topsheet availability in Calgary and from the Prior Factory.  For CUSTOM orders we will contact you right away to get specs, topsheet details etc.  EXTRA CHARGES may apply for custom orders.

CAMBER: Hybrid Rocker
SHAPE: Twin Shape
FLEX: Twin Flex
CORE: Vertically Laminated Aspen Poplar core
BASE: 4001 Sintered DurasurfTM Base Die Cut
FIBERGLASS: Triaxial E Glass
SIDEWALLS: UHMW polyethylene sidewalls