NRS Inflatable SUP Board Fin (clearance)


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NRS SUP Board Fins let you customize your board for the type of paddling you're doing. Shallower ones for quick turns and rocky streams, longer ones for straight-ahead tracking. Three interchangeable sizes to choose from.

  • 2", 5" and 9" deep fins are interchangeable on NRS SUP boards and other boards that use the same holding plate: Item #86104.01.
  • Fins are made of a rugged nylon-reinforced plastic that can take the hard knocks of stand up paddling.
  • Base of the fins is 1 3/8"W x 7 3/8"L.
  • A tethered locking tab holds the fin securely in the plate.
Material: Nylon-reinforced plastic
Sizes: 5, 13 and 23 cm deep
Base Dimensions: 3.5 cm W x 18.7 cm L