Kokatat Naiad Womens PFD


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Styled for female recreational paddlers, this high-back life vest features articulated, body mapping panels that accommodate a woman's natural curves. the flexible Gaia PVC-free foam panels are cut to allow the Naiad to wrap the paddler in comfort and security. With the soft texture of the durable 100D stretch polyester fabric, the Naiad makes comfort a priority. An added feature: The fleece-lined hand warmer pockets.

  • POCKETS - The Naiad features 4 pockets (2 zippered, and 2 hand warmers)
  • SIT BACK COMFORTABLY - To accommodate the high seat backs in most recreational kayaks, the Proteus features a high-back design with quick drying spacer mesh lower back.
  • GAIA PVC-FREE FOAM - The buoyancy foam in all Kokatat PFDs is Gaia pvc-free. Gaia is completely free of CFC ozone depleting chemicals. This recyclable foam is very flexible, taking and retaining the shape of your body for a comfortable, custom feel.
    Kokatat Naiad Womens PFD-AQ-Outdoors
    Kokatat Naiad Womens PFD-AQ-Outdoors