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Jackson Shooting Star Kids Kayak


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Kids boats should be safe, stable, easy to roll and maneuver- the Shooting Star does that - but it also flies high and is able to perform the hardest Freestyle tricks in the book! Thats right- the Shooting Star is Jackson Kayak playboat for kid but it is ready to take them from learning to roll to cartwheels, loops, air blunts and well beyond. Dont choose a kids boat that limits what they can do - instead get this easy to paddle boat thats ready for anything they might want to learn.

Max paddler (lbs) 30 to 100
Size (inseem + footsize) (in.) 0 to 22
Length 5'2
Width (in) 19
Height (in) 11
  1. Flat Stable Hull Stability for confidence but spins like a top on a green wave and side-surfs nice and smooth.
  2. Low Volume for Easier Freestyling The ends are longer and slicier than our Adult boats so its easier for kids to keep up in the flat and get vertical in between.
  3. Fast Both on a wave or between rapids, this narrow and slightly longer design should help smaller paddlers keep up with bigger ones.
  4. Sure-Lock Backband System For all-day comfort this backband swings down for easier rolling and softer landings - its also so easy to adjust even a kid can do it right from the cockpit.
  5. Go Pro Ready - GoPro We screw in a Go Pro mount on the bow you can use to record the action from there or unscrew and re-stick it wherever you like for a different point of view.
  6. Nalgene Bottle - Nalgene USA made and BPA free, this durable JK logod product is designed to give you years of hard use - just like our kayaks!