G3 Speed Tech Probe


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Completely redesigned with G3’s new quick deploy mechanism, Speed TECH avalanche probes meet the needs of recreational users and professionals, combining reliability and strength while being relatively lightweight.

Gear Models: 32 Speed Tech 24 Speed Tech 24 speed Tech Elle
Total Length(s): 328cm / 1ft9in 248cm / 8ft2in 248cm / 8ft2in
Segment Length: 45cm / 17.7in 4cm / 15.7in 4cm / 15.7in
Weight: 294g / 1.4oz 231g / 8.1oz 231g / 8.1oz
Increments Markings: 5mm
  • Lightweight and dependable aluminum 71-T6 tubing
  • Single pull quick deployment, completely resistant to icing
  • 1% tested, high strength aluminum ferrules
  • Utilizes G3’s speed cone technology for quick assembly and improved cable durability
  • Tech markings in 5mm increment markings on the entire length of probe
  • Elle probe has lighter deployment pull force

    G3 Speed Tech Probe
    G3 Speed Tech Probe