Esquif Zephyr XL 2.0 T-Formex Canoe


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The Zephyr 2.0 shares the same shape as the classic Twin-Tex Zephyr but it is now molded in T-Formex, Esquif's super tough foam-core ABS laminate. Compared to the Twin-Tex layup, T-Formex is much easier to outfit and repair. With hard chines, moderate rocker and good primary and second stability, the Zephyr has proven itself to be a favourite of class II-IV paddlers. The Zephyr 2.0 XL can be outfitted for solo paddling with our bulkhead outfitting or saddle and straps, or as a Tendem

Construction: T-Formex
Length: (11' 3 inches)
Width: (30 inches)
Depth: 40.6 cm (16 inches)
Shape: Asymmetrical
Rocker: 11.4 cm (4 inches) bow, 10 cm (4 inches)stern
Gunwale: Vinyl
Weight: 60 lbd with Solo Bulkhead outfitting
Carrying Capacity: 100 kg (220 lb)
Colour: Blue or Red
  • Optional factory-installed outfitting
  • Optional Wood gunwale