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Spark R&D Crossbar Clips


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The Spark R&D Crossbar clip features a one-piece crossbar that extends from one set of bolts to the other for the stiffest possible connection between the board halves. The cam lever clamps the board together taking gaps out of the board seam. The crossbar and lever rotate out of the way leaving nothing hanging over the edges to snag while you€™re touring or getting rad split skiing. Clamping tension is easily fine-tuned by turning a set screw, compensating for any wear or board variability. 


Includes: 2 x 'L' Alignment brackets, 2 x Crossbars, 4 x shorter screws for thin (i.e. carbon or kids) splitboards

Weight: 2.9oz/pr (82g)


Compatible with all splitboards with the standard Voile clip hole pattern with holes drilled through the board.

Crossbar Clips are not compatible with boards that have clip/hook mounting inserts i.e. Jones splits with the boltless bridge (Storm Chaser, Solutions and Ultracraft 17/18 onward) and Nitro Doppelganger, Nomad and Volta from mid 215 onward.

Not compatible with three piece splitboards.

    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips
    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips
    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips
    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips
    Spark R&D Crossbar Clips