Karakoram PRIME X Carbon Splitboard Binding


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The ultimate go-to splitboard bindings for the most elite snowboarders in the world- Jeremy Jones, Forrest Shearer, Mitch Tölderer, and more.  Karakorams lightest binding, this is a precision engineered workhorse you can count on.  Whether you ride spines in AK, couloirs in the Arctic Circle, or your favorite powder stash in your backyard, the Prime-X Carbon will keep you grinning from ear to ear.


Weight:  650 gms

  • Active Joining:  Pre-loaded binding to board connections give instant response. The most responsive connection for snowboards and splitboards.
  • Dual Ride-Stride: Quick 1/4 turn from ride mode to walk mode
  • Air Flow Highbacks:  Surfy, flexy highbacks with ride and climb mode built in.
  • Carbon Highbacks: Stiff Flex (10 of 10)
  • X-Type Heelcup: 2x Stronger than standard Aluminum
  • Wide Contact Points: Wide binding contact equals power transfer directly to edges and tip to tail.
  • Air Form Straps:  Independent Pressure Pods articulate to boot eliminating pressure points and pinch points
  • Dual Speed Risers: Flip up with pole basket; simple and easy
  • Lock Your Heal: On-the-fly heel lock down - Release load equivalent to DIN 6
Small: US 6 - 8
Medium: US 8.5 - 11
Large: US 11.5 - 13

    Karakoram PRIME X Carbon Splitboard Binding
    Karakoram PRIME X Carbon Splitboard Binding