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IR K2 Union Suit


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For many paddlers, the IR Thick Skin Union suit is the perfect paddling layer except for one small problem- in some cases, it’s simply too warm. The answer? The K2 Union suit. IR’s K2 fabric is a light weight Malden Mills Polartec®  grid fleece (about the same weight as a cotton t-shirt) but it’s still remarkably insulating and dries lightening fast.

Entry Style No Zip! - super stretch neoprene neck and shoulders allows entry through the neck
Intended Use Great under a dry suit for those slitly warmer days or under a dry top and shorts
Material Malden Mills Polartec
  • Zip Free Construction
  • Light weight Malden Mills Polartec
  • If you run hot when paddling, this is a great cooler option
  • Ideal for wearing under drysuits
  • Sizes from Small to XXL

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