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2018 IR Royale Rand Skirt (discontinued)


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The foundation of the Royale is IR's proprietary fin shaped rand designed to make maximum contact with the rim and resisting implosion to the very end. In addition to the rand shape, two sticky rubber patches are placed under the deck on the sides to provide additional implosion resistance. The deck neoprene extends 2/3 past the rand  to offer unsurpassed dryness on a variety of rim shapes. In the high wear areas, the most expensive and strongest 4-way stretch kevlar is used and all of the seams are glued, taped and stitched. 

  • Proprietary 'fin' shaped rand for implosion restance
  • Two inches of extra neoprene past the rand for extra dryness
  • Highly durable 4 Way Stretch Kevlar
  • All seams are glued, taped, and stitched
  • Sticky silicone patches for implosion resistance
Deck Size Cockpit Circumference
Medium cockpit 203cm - 213cm
Large cockpit 213cm - 229cm
Xlarge cockpit 231cm - 241cm
XXLarge Cockpit 241cm - 254cm


Tunnel Size Pants waist size
XSmall 63.5cm - 68.6cm
Small 8.6cm - 76.2cm
Medium 76.2cm - 83.8cm
Large 83.8cm - 91.4cm
Xlarge 91.4cm - 99.1cm
XXlarge 99.1cm - 107cm

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