Deeluxe Xplorer TF Splitboard Boot
Deeluxe Xplorer TF Splitboard Boot

Deeluxe Xplorer TF Splitboard Boot


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The Deeluxe Xplorer TF Splitboard boot is designed for just that, splitboarding.  Upgrade from your resort boots that will just wear out in a season to a purpose built backcountry boot.  The Deeluxe Xplorer TF is great for the climb and ideal for shredders looking for a more surfy backcountry feel.

  • L3:  Armed with two clasps and two handles, this design creates two separate lacing zones—one cradles the foot and calf while the other locks down the ankle and heel.
    Thanks to these separate zones, the boot securely anchors your heel for a refined fit that enhances energy transmission.
  • Flexrate:  6/10

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