SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley


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In recognition of the unique requirements found in Swiftwater Rescue, SMC has created an entirely new pulley for 2005. This aluminum pulley weighs 6 oz. and features a 2" sheave. The anodized aluminum sideplates feature a series of holes which help to minimize the hydroplaning effect that might otherwise occur with a typical pulley. Sideplates are also configured to allow this pulley to work as a Prusik Minding Pulley. Sealed Ball Bearings provide optimal efficiency.

Material: High Quality Aluminum
Axle: Ball bearing
Sheave: 50.8 mm Aluminum
Dimensions: 101.6 mm x 76.2 mm x 31.75 mm
Weight: 6 oz  (170 g)
Pulley Strength: 34 kN = 3467 kg
Max Rope Size: 0.5" (13 mm)
    SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley
    SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley
    SMC 2" Swiftwater Pulley

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