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With the trend in price-point fishing kayaks tending towards compromising hull quality and comfort, it is refreshing to see Jackson Kayak's new Bite doesn't cut corners. With an 11'6" hull designed by Jackson Kayak's top hull design team and at a class-leading 35" in width, the Bite performs to the paddle-ability and stand-ability standards you are used to in a Jackson Kayak.
So, now, budget conscous kayak fisherman can say no to lower quality 'big box' boats and get into a JK boat for a price point amount with premium features and performance.

Max Capacity(lbs) 400
Height (in) 15
Length 11' 6"
Weight (lbs) 72
Width (in) 35
  • Stable, well-tracking hull JK hull designers have made the Bite hull a smooth tracking, maneuverable and stable hull.
  • Open stern storage area offers ample room for crates, bait tanks, and expedition gear within reach of the paddler.
  • Rod stagers allow for the staging of up to 4 rods for quick, convenient access to multiple baits.
  • Gear tracks are located around the Bite for the addition of additional rod holders, fish finders, camera mounts as well as other accessories.
  • Tackle box storage surrounding the angler are storage positions for tackle boxes (3640 Plano)
  • The bow and stern handles are molded in for comfort and ease of transport. These handles also serve as a great way to lock down your kayak to your car, truck or trailer to prevent theft.
  • Enjoy the comfort of the Jackson Kayak Ergo seat with the benefit of trimmability fore and aft - all in an economical package.
  • Transducir ready scupper holes are compatible with most transducers, this shaped scupper will allow for transducers to be flush with the bottom of the kayak. Two locations for ease of installation.
  • Drainage slip and hog trough are used for front storage area drainage but can also be used as a hog trough slip will allow for easy and convenient storage for catch, photo and release anglers.
  • Two flush-mounted rod holders behind the seat for easy access. Great for trolling for big fish!
  • You asked - we've got it! Cup holder on either side of the seat is convenient for a Nalgene bottle, tumbler... or those lures you'd rather not have rattling around your feet.
  • We've added space at both sides of the seat for even more tackle box storage. Two in the front, two at side eliminates the need to store as much in the stern.
  • Large, open front bow deck for storage and packing of gear in dry bags give the Bite an unparalleled amount of packability for long expeditions.
  • Need a little help getting up or sitting down? OJackson's handy stand assist strap will help you you into and out of a standing position like a pro.

    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak
    Jackson Bite Fishing Kayak

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