Esquif Présage T-Formex Canoe


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First born of the Esquif family, the Presage is distinguished by its maneuverability, its lightness and its durability on lakes and rivers. The most versatile of our models, it is suitable for recreational and wilderness paddling noted for its stability and speed. Its design guarantees that no matter which kind of water you prefer, the Presage is the ideal canoe for the whole family.

Construction: T-Formex
Length: 4.85 m (15’ 11” )
Width: 89.2 cm (35”)
Depth: 37.5 cm (14 ¾”)
Shape: Shallow Arch
Rocker: 7 cm (2 ¾”) bow and stern
Gunwale: Vinyl
Weight: 31.75 kg (70 lbs)
Carrying Capacity: 400 kg (850 lb)
Colour: Green
  • Webbed seats
  • Contoured yoke and thwart
  • Optional Additional seat,
  • Optional Wood gunwale

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