Esquif Prospecteur 16 T-Formex Canoe


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Esquif's new Prospecteur 16 has the lines of the well-known Chestnut Prospector. Ideal for canoeists who want the versatility and capacity of the Prospector shape for day tripping and week-long adventures. The rugged T-Formex hull is great for those who enjoy paddling whitewater or who just want a super tough canoe for everyday usage. Stability, easy tracking, and good maneuverability in rapids are what makes this canoe such a classic.

Construction: T-Formex
Length: 4.9 m (16′)
Width: 89 cm (35″)
Depth: 35.6 cm (14″)
Weight:  29.5 kg (65 pounds)
Rocker: 7 cm (2.75″)
  • Webbed seats
  • Vinyl trim
  • contoured ash yoke
  • Thwart
  • Optional Wood trim
  • Optional Tandem or Solo Touring Outfit Kit

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