Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe


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This compact, playful tandem canoe is ideally suited for short whitewater canoe trips that do not demand the length and cargo capacity of a larger (and heavier) tripping canoe. The Pocket Canyon also performs as well as many dedicated whitewater canoes used for day trips. This allows the canoe to serve double duty as both whitewater playboat, and technical river runner.

The Pocket Canyon’s flared hull maintains a dry ride even in large choppy waves and the rockered ends, with a progressive chine, provides a stable carving edge ideal for catching eddies. Fast, stable and manoeuverable, the Pocket Canyon has all the performance features you’ll need to tackle exciting day river features, whether out for the day or on brief wilderness get away.

Construction: T-Formex
Length: 4.42 m (14 ½’)
Width: 87.6 cm (34 ½”)
Depth: 40.6 cm (16”)
Shape: Shallow Arch
Rocker: 10.2 cm (4”) bow and stern
Gunwale: Vinyl
Weight: 26.8 kg (59 lbs)
Carrying Capacity: 350 kg (770 lb)
Colour: Blue or Green
  • Webbed seats
  • Contoured yoke and thwart
  • Optional - Wood gunwale

    Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe
    Esquif Pocket Canyon T-Formex Canoe

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