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Aquabound Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft 2pc Posi Lock Kayak Paddle


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The Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft's multi-laminate fiberglass blades are truly hand-crafted using high-pressure compression molding, and they come in three hi-vis color options: Agua, Fuego, and Sunwave. Along with the naturally comfortable, ergonomic 3K Plain Weave carbon shaft, the Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft paddle has a super light swing weight yet is strong and very durable. The Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft is available in a 100% Carbon Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly and securely. The Posi-Lok® features strong, corrosion-free construction, convenient dual-button release, and infinite feathering angles. Licensed Ferrule US Patent No. 6,881,111. The Tango Fiberglass Bent Shaft is available in lengths from 210cm to 250cm in increments of 5cm.

Blade Size: 6.6 x 1709 in.
Blade Colors: Agua/Fuego/Sunwave
Blade Surface area (sq in): 96 sq. in.
Blade Materials: Compression Molded Fiberglass
Shaft Type: Bent Shaft
Lengths: 210cm 215cm 220cm 225cm 230cm 235cm 240cm 245cm 250cm
Shaft Material: 3K Plain Weave Carbon
Shaft Pieces: 2-Piece
Weight: 808.00g/28.5 oz.
Feathering Angles: Infinite
Ferrule: Posi-Lok

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