Splitboarding Early Season Review - November 28, 2018

Words by:  Simon Coward

Gday Splitboarders and Backcountry Snow Sliders!

I just wanted to check in with a very quick blog update from the Splitboard HQ team, simply outlining our early season to date.  From the social media channels it seems as though there has been plenty of riding going on.  There has certainly been a bunch of good turns to be had, though, as November has gone on they seem to have become a little more elusive!

We started things off on November 12th in the Lake Louise area and found fantastic turns for the time of year,  gorgeous sunny skies and 'light footed' turns in the alpine were the order of the day.  Zero complaints on the rising quality and so nice to stretch the legs and get amongst the mountains.

Splitboarding Lake Louise

As the month has progressed we have been kind of hedging our bets a bit on the locations we have chosen, a bit more around Lake Louise, some crew have been up on the Icefields Parkway and we even had some fun coulior action in K-Country this past week.

The locations we have been choosing to ride have had some cool alpine line potential but with nearby backup tree skiing potential.  Which, in at least one case we retreated to due to some pretty dismal ski quality in the alpine.

Bootpacking in K-Country

All in all a very 'Rockies' start to the season with scary layers lining up, a bunch of bush whacking, a bunch of splitboard scratches, facetty bootpacking and loads of stoke.

We hope everyone's season is lining up well and that you are having a safe and fun start to the season

Happy Shredding


The Splitboard HQ Team