Skiing to Split Boarding

Words By: Tim Shaw

How many times have you heard someone say "I have switched to skiing because I want to go back country"

Maybe this made sense 10 years ago, maybe?

This winter I have been learning to snow board and hence Split Board. My back ground is Skiing and I have done a lot of time in the back country on skis. Why learn to snow board?

Working here at Split Board HQ it made sense to learn to Splitboard. I have also been been humbled by how good the other guys here are at getting around on a Splitboard. I have found that with modern bindings and boards there are few limitations to being on a board. Lets be honest surfing pow on a board is a lot of fun, ok so that's an understatement, it is really, really fun!

My First taste of pow on a board Photo: Simon Coward

So with many face plants and some great in instruction from Tom & Simon I have been enjoying learning something new. I would encourage all snow boarders that skiing is not better in the back country. The two are different and come with their own upsides and limitations.  With practice either can be great for getting around in the hills. 

Practicing turns in Revy Photo: Anne Shaw

In the end get out there and go surf some pow and enjoy the mountains!