A long awaited Monday Funday - January 29th, 2019

Gday Everyone

Sorry for the lack of trip reports this season.  It has been a busy one with family commitments, opening a new store in Edmonton and all the usual life administration.  With a shoulder surgery looming next Tuesday for me, Tim made sure that I got my ass off the computer and out into the mountains.

Being someone who typically rides at least once a week in the backcountry it was a weird feeling going out with little to no background to how the snowpack has been shaping up.  So with a bunch of MIN report reads, some Backcountry YYC posts and a partner who has been out a bunch we headed to the hills.

The sun was shining, views were amazing, the snow was variable at worst and buttery smooth at best.  Lot's of vertical, a bunch of bush whacking and a day on the short side of long but long side of average made for many a smile, and lots of lovely turns.  So, enough words, I will leave you to enjoy the images below.

rockies splitboarding - bush whacking

Tim Shaw Splitboarding Mt Bourgeau

Simon Coward splitboarding near sunshine

Tim Shaw Splitboarding

Simon Coward splitboarding near Banff

Stay safe out there and I hope you all get plenty of turns for me in the coming months whilst I am on the injured reserve list!

Happy Shredding