Doing the Roofrack Boogie: How to Gift a Roof Rack this Holiday Season.

So little Johnny, your spouse, your brothers dog sitter, or even your great uncle twice removed asked Santa for roof rack this year.  Right there, sitting ever so intimidatingly at the top of the list, glaring at you.


It doesn’t have to be intimidating, its not that hard at all.  You just need to arm yourself with a little information before you load the wagon and head to your favorite Roof Rack Retailer. (hint hint Roof Racks Edmonton or Calgary!)


Our Winter Rack Display in Edmonton! Yakima, Rhino Rack and Malone!

The information you will need is easy to find, if you want to be sneaky about, it can all be found in the drivers manual of any vehicle as well as by simply looking at the car, truck, van itself.


You will need following information to determine the right fit:

The Manufacturer of the Vehicle (ie Ford, Chevy, Tesla, etc.)

The year the vehicle was made (1905, 1987, 2019)

The model of the vehicle (ie F150, X5, Malibu, Escort, Chevette and so on)

The body type (ie Sedan, Wagon, Hatchback.)

Is there any existing hardware on the rooftop itself, (Raised rails, flush rails, bare roof, tracks)

With the above information, you and Santa should be able to determine a few different options that would work well for any vehicle roof, budget and style.  Your great uncle twice removed will be stoked!!

We have roof boxes too. More Durable then Santas Sack!

Both Roof Racks Edmonton and Roof Racks Calgary staff are experienced and able to help you determine the right rack for yours or Santas gift giving needs We can also help with your installation as well if the elves are not available

Roof Racks Calgary is lookin' sharp with some Thule on the wall!

Roof Racks Calgary will be open starting December 2nd from Mondays -Fridays 10-6 and 9-5 on Saturdays. (403) 288 9283

Roof Racks Edmonton  will be open Tuesday to Friday 10-6 and Saturday from 9-5   (780) 463 4892

Give us a call or stop by anytime! We look forward to getting you setup right. 



Andy W. Asst. Manager Roof Racks Edmonton