Rockstar 4.0 comparison

Words By: Lee Vincent

Gear Overview – Jackson Kayak Rockstar 4.0

The Jackson Kayak Rockstar 4.0 came onto the market midway through last summer and has quickly become a game changer for those that compete in Freestyle Kayaking as it enables bigger tricks.

Here’s some quick tips on decoding the differences between the 4.0 and the 2016 version.

The new Rockstar 4.0 has been designed to have more volume at each size than the 2016 version. It is also narrower and slightly longer in length. The rocker in the hull is also slightly flatter in profile.

What does all of this mean?

  • Narrower width makes it easier to transfer from edge to edge and gives you more control
  • Flatter rocker makes it easier to carve faster on waves
  • Extra volume means you get bigger pop for any air tricks – loops feel magical!

Thanks to the increased volume the 4.0 small, medium and large are almost a half-size bigger than the comparable 2016 Rockstar version. This increased range is a benefit to everyone except for the smallest paddler, who may find the added volume in the new small a bit too much.

Aquabatics has Rockstar 4.0’s in their rental fleet so go check one out. They also have a great program that gives you credit for money you spend on rentals once you decide to buy that new boat – this makes it really worth while to try before you buy!

If you are interested in learning more freestyle tricks to get the most out of your playboat, Aquabatics has Freestyle Friday courses running this summer.

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