Black Friday Pre-Order Boat Sale - Save 10% on a 2020 Kayak, SUP, Canoe or Raft!


Calgary:  403 288 9283

Edmonton: 780 463 4892

We have never really done Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  However, this year, lots of people have been asking so we decided to deliver.

This page is dedicated to our Pre-Order Boats sale.  If you want to see all our Black Friday offers please follow this link.

This deal is super SIMPLE!

Just choose a craft from any of the following categories, pre order it (with a $500 deposit) and SAVE 10% off the purchase price.  

If there are any boards or boats from manufacturers (see brands below) we sell that we don't have on the website that you are after, give us a call as we can order those in on our preseason orders too!

That's it, easy!  This can ONLY BE DONE OVER THE PHONE on Friday, Saturday or Monday (Nov 29th, 30th & Dec 3rd).  Our number in Edmonton is 780 463 4892 and Calgary is 403 288 9283.

After December 3rd this offer is no longer available.

Call us or email us by the methods below for more information.

Edmonton:  780 463 4892 OR

Calgary:  403 288 9283 OR