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NRS Wetshoe

The words from Aquabatics Team Member Rylan,

They just keep me going. The NRS Wetshoe is hands down my favorite wet shoe that I have experienced. The design of the shoe is flexible and durable. It is a neoprene shoe with titanium sown into the fabric which enhance the warmth of your feet, keeping you warm and comfortable for a extended period of time.

They called me crazy, but I wanted to put them to the test. The snow was starting to melt, and the ice was thine. What else do you do but break out the SUP boards and crash through the ice.

Ankle deep in snow and slush, I wore just the NRS Wetshoes on my feet. How long did I last? I paddled until sunset. They fit tight to my feet and kept me warm. I was in fact warmer than my friend, who wore rubber boats and thick socks.