Jackson Antix Review - JK Ambassador - Dave Crerar

Words By: Aquabatics Team

Hey everyone,

I wanted to write a little something about the Antix L. I have had mine for a month now and wanted to letyou my thoughts on this new, but maybe a little retro design that EJ and Night have come up with. Having solely focused on playboating for the majority of my teens I had little interest in creeking until I came out to BC. However now that the creek boat is my regular weapon of choice, down river freestyle has become a staple of my water based fun. The Antix filled a gap in the market for a freestyle inspired river runner.

For comparison, I am 195lbs, 5ft 10in and have short stubby legs.  I paddled it on quite a few different rivers, from man made slalom and play features, low volume creeks, and high volume class 4/5. It is a very solid boat


When I first looked at the prototype images on the Antix, I thought it was going to be fun. There was no doubt about that. However, it looked like its slicy tail and unevenly distributed volume would make it unstable. The leg positioning in this boat is narrower than usual as well, another thing that lead me to think this would be an unstable boat. I was wrong. Its bomber.


This is, as are most of JK designs, a very forgiving boats. With the rails not running the full length of the boat, it allows quite a bit of room for error. That being said, this does not mean that if you want to get a little "sendy" this boat likes to provide, but ill talk about that later.


The Antix front surfs well, it's fast so you can catch those glassy green waves on your local runs.

Big Water

The majority of big water I paddled was on the Kicking Horse in BC, I paddles the Upper and Lower canyons in high water. This boat handled better than I thought. Obviously at 72.5 gallons it’s a little smaller than my creekboat that I usually use for these runs. However, this little guy was fast enough to make the big moves back and forth across the river. It boofs incredibly well, and holds its speed to get you out and away from the nastiness.


The Antix is made as a river runner. It does creek well, its speed moves you around the river and maneuverability makes it feel like your paddling a slalom boat down a creek, with the confidence of it being plastic and not glass. It has made some of the more mundane rivers a blast again.


This is where I get the most out of this boat. I love down river freestyle and while it is fun in my Zen or Nirvana this boat has awesome potential. Kickflips, freewheels, back free wheels, blunts, and airscrews are all attainable. Squirting is a thing again. I'm finding myself dropping the tail in bigger rapids to make quick direction changes to my line.

Jackson Kayaks site reads:

"A new creeking/river running kayak that is fun, easy to paddle, runs the river like a dream but with some groove in the hull design to allow for continual play all the way down!" They were not telling tales