Aquabatics Kayak School Training

Words By: Tim Shaw

So its spring and the rivers are slowly starting to open up. Here at Aquabatics we are getting ready for the coming season. Training is a big part of making sure that our courses are high quality.

This spring we took to heading South to the Elk to warmer water in order to make this happen. As an instructing team we were super excited to get back on the water and brush off some rust. Also keen try try out our new 'uniform' consisting of a whole bunch of matchy, matchy NRS gear haha. 

Brandon and Simon discussing the plan                   Photo: Tim S

Not only is the training good testing gear and brushing off rust there are a number of other things that it helps with.

Its our way to gel as a team; learn new skills and make sure that we are providing constant and high quality courses for all of you keen paddlers out there.

The Team Photos: Tim S 

In short we are enjoying the Gear from NRS and are looking forward to another great summer with spring shaping to having some great river flows.

Check out our courses and our  Youtube Channel for inspiration to get out on the water

See you out there!