A Paddler- Twenty Questions, Say Hi to Adrienne.

A little preamble, here at Aquabatics, we thought we would start doing a simple 20 questions style, blog/interview with paddlers from all genres, skill levels and walks of life, both local and further afield. Perhaps you can relate. Perhaps you can learn a little more about your friends. It’s a nice way to showcase paddling and the folks that enjoy the sport, in any genre kayak, canoe, white water, polo, fishing, rafting, pack-rafting.   If your interested in being featured in our twenty questions blog feel free to reach out at info@aquabaticsedmonton.com. We be happy to set something up.  (Questions will differ based off paddling style.)


First up we have an amazing kayak angler. She’s a great all-around individual, friendly and easy to get along with.  She’s catches great fish, and paddles a sweet kayak Along with her husband, they make a deadly kayak fishing duo, and are a force to be reckoned with at any kayak fishing tournaments they enter.  She also wins awards for her fabulous costumes at the tournaments too. 

So may we cordially introduce you to Adrienne.

Adrienne and her husband john loading up!

Who the heck are yeah?

My name is Adrienne Lecuyer!!!!

Where yeah from?

 I live in Red Deer Alberta, originally from Northern Ontario.

 When did you start yak fishing?

(year)June 2017 was the first time I ever sat in a Yak! Paddled out and cast out my line.... Fish on!!!! I was in my sit in Pelican, and NOT expecting the pull and fight of this Pike while trying to stay upright as a newbie on the water.... I was laughing the whole time, that was it; I was hooked! LITERALLY

 Have you owned any other type of watercraft for fishing?

12 FT Aluminum, and a 11 ft inflatable,....definitely NOT the same connection felt to the water as I feel it when on a kayak

A beautiful view from her Wilderness Radar

 Why do you fish from a kayak when there’s so many other ways to get on the water?

That is an easy one...CONNECTION. Never have I felt so close to the water then when on or in my kayaks. You can access areas boats cannot, areas people have not normally been, and the stealth of it...I have many a times calmly FLOAT OVER a stationary pike, or huge perch pod without them knowing I was even there!! Amazing...you almost forget your ON water....you feel connected to it, like your part of the whole scheme of the lake, the sounds , the movements, the animals; that's how I feel anyway when I m on the water.

 Do you remember what your first kayak was?

 Yes, still have it. Pelican sit in. colour? Red and white.This kayak can cut threw waves/rough waters like no bodies business, I know, I ve done it lol

 What's your go to kayak(s) now?

Wilderness, Radar ..Colour? Green and yellow ..Why? My husband upgraded a kayak, however he said I should use the upgrade because I was the better fisherman, his words.... not mine!! Hahah

 Where’s your favorite place to kayak fish, well one your comfortable sharing with the world anyway?

oh boy, I have many....that's hard...lemme think about that one....

 (she never did get back to us, its understandable, no one likes sharing there honey holes) 

Trolling, casting, or jigging?

CASTING!!! sorry I yelled ha-ha, something about casting out, and on the retrieve feeling that fish latch on to the line....oh it s on...its game time! Trolling is a close 2nd tho, especially when that rod bends back like you snagged the core of the earth!!! Hahahha

beautiful legal sized pike! Good Job Adrienne

Spinning or baitcasting and why?

Spinning..... I believe birds make enough nests for the world.. no need for me to add more using a bait cast!!

 What’s your favorite lure?

For predator fishing I have to say the larger life like segments, oh oh or soft top waters.... both get those predators chomping!

 What’s your favorite live bait setup and why?

Haven t live bait fished from a yak yet....no lakes allow it that I’ve fished....as of yet.

 What's your favorite species of fish to catch and why?

You know...that's a funny one. I ve always felt a strong hate towards Pike. . . Now they are my favorite fish to catch!! Lol , the way the nail your hook, and PULL you around....I giggle away like a little kid everytime...super exciting for myself lol.

 What's your favorite fish to eat?

Trout...not over spiced, or battered up...delicious


A can o worms! She won a costume contest with this awesome getup

 If you could go kayak fishing with anyone in the world who would it be?

My husband John...No really!! Lol...He is my best friend. We fish, hunt camp, live and laugh together always. We are very fortunate to have found each other*no one else would put up with our shenanigans

What’s your dream fish?

A giant Tuna....lol. is that weird? Hahaha

If you were reincarnated as a fish, what species would it be any why?

Anglerfish....what's better then a fish that can fish!!!

Is there anything you would change about kayak fishing?

Not sure, I guess this is my own poor planning but the amount of stuff/loading etc ... be nice if I was better organized I guess hahaha but that's a personal problem

Is there anything I missed you wanted to add?

As a woman angler/kayaker I would just like to say that I think EVERYONE should try kayaking once. Whether it leisure, sport, angling, or river whatever.....you cant explain it without experiencing it yourself...its amazing

.... but be careful....as it's an addiction!!

Ps....We were fortunate to have discovered the Western Canada Kayak Fishing Trail here in Alberta. My hubby found it on Facebook actually, we met many great people and have had an absolute BLAST in the derbies!!! Its one of my favorite parts of Kayak fishing, it’s a community we are proud to be a part of. Thanks for the chat!


Written By: Andrew W, Questions Answered By: Adrienne L.