A Hands-on Product Review of the Yak Attack Omega Universal Fishing Rod Holder

Review by: Andrew W.

Product: Omega Universal Fishing Rod Holder

I’ve had the Yak Attack Omega rod holder on my boat for a full year now, and I am  loving it!  I’ve put it through its paces, bringing the Omega along with me to my kayak tournaments, as well as my single and multi day kayak fishing adventures throughout Alberta, Canada. Places such as the monstrous Cold Lake, through treacherous hail and storms on Jackson Lake, and for five days down the scenic Red Deer river valley in central Alberta to name a few.

Yakattack OMega Rod Holder

It is the adjustability of the Omega, with its plethora of rod angle options, that appeal to me and my somewhat disorganized fishing style.  I like it higher up for trolling, and more level if I’m taking a lunch break and bobber watching or waiting for that tell tail rod jiggle.   It also allows me to adjust the Omega 360 degrees to my preferences, depending on if its on the port or starboard side of the kayak.

The Omega is Built from a nylon and glass blend, it’s nearly bombproof, and can handle any abuse you may throw its way. Its ability to fit on most of the aftermarket gear track available makes it super versatile, and with its lock n load base, a simple flick of the lever has it on and off in seconds for transport or storage.  The best feature, in my opinion, is that this single rod holder will accommodate all types of rods, from spinning setups, to baitcasters, and fly rods.  The security collar makes sure your precious rods won’t end up in the drink, with a simple twist it can accommodate all rod styles you may have to keep them safe while paddling and trolling. (I’m at four lost rods overboard in total, zero with the Omega).

Fishing with the Omega Pro Rod Holder

Nothing out there is absolutely the “perfect rod holder” in all aspects, but this one comes close. The only thing I wish this The Omega holder did, that I’m not sure any rod holder does, is float.  Mainly, because I’m clumsy, and tend to drop things periodically into the drink. Other colour options besides black would be great too. Being able to colour match my Jackson Coosa FD would be fantastic

Rigged up with the omega pro rod holder

Thanks for reading, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Aquabatics staff or myself if you have any questions. The Yak Attack Omega is available at both our retail locations in Calgary and Edmonton.   You can also visit our AQ headquarters online if you live further afield by clicking here

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